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Student Blog: Class of 2018

March 2017

Student Spotlight – President of the Class of 2017

Our next student spotlight is the President of the Class of 2017, Ashley Giddings. As a second year PA student, she is able to share her experience in the classroom and how it has prepared her for her clinical rotations this year.

February 2017

The Class of 2018 would like to welcome the new year with the start of the UF PA Student Blog! We wanted to create a platform where we can share our experiences with the community, especially any prospective students aiming to learn more about the UF PA program.

This first post will be the start of our Student Spotlight feature where we will interview PA students about their backgrounds, why they chose the UF PA program, and their experience so far. Read below to learn about the President of the Class of 2018, Khayla Johnson, and keep an eye out for our next post!

Student Spotlight – President of the Class of 2018

Here is the video mentioned in one of the questions that was made for the interviewing class this year!