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Computer Requirements

School of PA Studies Computer Requirement

All students are required to own a laptop computer and bring it to class on a regular basis. The College of Medicine does not endorse a specific operating system or computer brand. This requirement focuses on function and open standards. The following list of capabilities are required at a minimum:

  • Hardware
    • Intel Core 2 Duo, or 1 series processor
      • Windows 7 or higher operating systems is currently recommended*
    • 4 GB of RAM or more
    • 256 GB Hard Drive or higher
    • DVD-R/RW Drive
    • USB ports (at least 2)
    • WiFi wireless networking on laptops
    • Sound card, and speakers or headphone
    • Display resolution at least 1024×768 pixels
    • Printer
    • 100mbit or 1 Gbit Ethernet Adapter for Broadband
    • Broadband connection to the Internet and related equipment (Generally supplied by the service provide). Cable or DSL highly recommended.


  • Software
    • Malware protection
      • Current, fully-patched operating system
      • Anti-viral software installed and up to date
      • Anti-spyware software installed and up to date
    • Modern, standards-compliant Web browser
      • Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and Safari are good choices.
    • Standards-based email client
      • Must be capable of accessing campus Gatorlink email.
      • Some students may wish to use the campus Webmail exclusively.
    • Standard “run time” environment for Java programs
    • Standard Media Player
    • Software to read/write Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint formats
    • Ability to read PDF files

*Apple Macintosh Computers running Windows 7 Late model Macs have the ability to run Windows 7 natively, either on a separate partition of the hard drive or in a virtual machine. Students planning on installing Windows 7 on their Macs should be aware that this will take up a minimum of 30GB of space or a recommended 60GB and should purchase a hard drive with this in mind. Once Windows 7 is installed the OSX disk that came with your Mac contains all the necessary drivers and applications to allow for Windows 7 to function properly with your hardware.

**Mac is not supported by our Technology helps desk